Bookish Bingo :: Fall 2016

Hey, guys! I came across a challenge the other day… Fall Bookish Bingo! And I couldn’t resist. If you’d like to sign up, head on over to PrettyDeadlyReviews and leave a comment! It’s gonna be much fun!!


bookish-bingo-1024x379So the rules are pretty simple:

  • There will be a new bingo card for each season; so Fall would be for books read in September, October, and November.
  • The idea is to try to get as many bingo’s as possible (five up, down, across, diagonal)
  • Only one square used per book
  • Reviews are not a requirement! Just READING the books!!
  • At the end of the season (November), there will be a giveaway for all participants. The more bingo’s, the more entries!

The Card:


I love most of these categories! I have a couple squares already completed, but I’m planning to update my bingo card with completed squares once a week (probably Friday’s).

Here are some ideas I have for certain squares:

So, I need some help with a few categories… Does anyone have any good recommendations for:

Creepy Cover | Graphic Novel | Back List | Illustrated

Any and all recs are highly appreciated!! Thanks, guys! 😀


31 thoughts on “Bookish Bingo :: Fall 2016

  1. I keep wanting to join these challenges and backing out – I’m SUCH a mood-reader and it’s hard for me to join in readathons and stuff for this exact reason, haha.

    It’s too bad that you can only use one square for one book… I have a book in mind that crosses both “creepy cover” and “illustrated” and maybe even “back list” – A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. 😛

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