Saturday Special // Talking with Liv @curlyhairbibliophile

Hi, guys! Can you believe March is halfway over already? I can’t. It’s flying by. Well, since I attended the V.E. Schwab book signing last Saturday, I wasn’t able to get this post up on time. So here it is today!

If you’re unfamiliar with the Saturday Special, it is a feature here at bookslayerReads where I will be introducing experienced book bloggers and asking them “get to know you” questions, as well as questions about blogging tips and advice!

Today we’ll be talking with Liv from Curly Hair Bibliophile!

Hi there! My name is Liv, and my personal blog is I love reading, traveling, grammar, tea, cats, and the internet. I_ve been reading YA books for ab

1. How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging since January of 2016 so a little over a year now.

2. What is the meaning behind your blog name and how did you come up with it?

I have naturally curly hair. Since I could remember, it has always been my ‘thing’. People have literally said to me: “Oh yeah, you’re the one with The Hair.” When I was faced with the fact of creating a blog name, I knew I had to include something about my hair. Bibliophile is quite obvious because I love books. I honestly don’t remember exactly how I came up with the name. However, every single day I’m so glad I did.

3. How did you get into blogging in the first place?

Back in early 2012, I had a personal wordpress blog. I posted twice and then never continued. During 2015, I played with the idea of maybe creating a book blog. In January, I finally created my blog!

4. What has been your biggest obstacle since blogging and how did you overcome it?

My biggest obstacle is probably feeling like I belong. I feel like I’m a little fish in a very big pond. I’m slowly overcoming it by growing my blog and interacting with other book bloggers/youtubers.

5. Do you have any advice for newbie bloggers?

Sell yourself! Not really though; I don’t mean to sell yourself quite literally. What I mean is this: market yourself. Regularly update your social medias. Attend book twitter chats and make friends! It will make the cons behind blogging insignificant when you’re apart of a community.

6. What is the main thing you look for in a blog?

Generally, I look for a variety in posts! I like blogs that post a mix of reviews, tags, weekly memes, and discussion posts. I also like to read the ‘About Me’ page, and see the personality of the blogger.

7. What are your favorite blog posts to write?

I love discussion posts! They’re not very often and require a lot of effort, but I enjoying throwing a bit of my personality in my content.

8. What is your favorite thing about the book blogging community?

Everyone is passionate about the same thing: Books. It’s lovely working/communicating with people who love the same thing I do. No one is perfect and we’re all human, but it’s like a huge family.

9. Is there anything you feel the book blogging community could improve on?

The book community could improve on communicating, learning, listening to others, and forgiving. People can be very impulsive and the book community really shows that. I won’t give any specific examples, but I feel like we could all improve on those few things.

10. In your opinion, what makes a blog “successful”?

Personally, a successful blog is the amount of interactive followers that the blogger has. I love when my followers like, comment, and share my posts; it makes me feel like my time and effort is appreciated.

11. How do you feel you’ve changed as blogger from the time you first started blogging until now?

Man, so much has changed to be honest. I didn’t expect it to be so time consuming. I’ve changed my wordpress theme at least six times, and my content has changed quite a bit. I’ve also learned how to market myself, and how to procrastinate on one of my hobbies.

12. What is your favorite genre and why?

Right now, I’m loving contemporaries. I love reading books about teens my age facing issues that I’ve witnessed in my life. I do love my fair share of fantasy books, though.

13. What book(s) are you most looking forward to in 2017?

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon, The Sandcastle Empire by Kayla Olson, The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli, and Warcross by Marie Lu.

14. If you wrote an autobiography, what would the title be?

If I wrote an autobiography, it would be called “Yes, It Really Is Naturally This Curly”. I get asked often if my hair is naturally curly (the answer is yes).

15. What blog post of yours are you most proud of? (Leave a link so we can check it out!)

I’m going to be leaving two because one of them isn’t ‘book’ related 🙂 If You Liked Hamilton, You May Like… & Discussion on YouTuber Books

Thanks so much, Liv, for taking the time out for this interview! I loved reading your answers, and I’m sure the rest of us did, as well! Thank you for the wonderful advice. And readers, don’t forget to stop by Liv’s blog for more awesome content!

If you’d like to get in touch with Liv on social media, you can find her here:

Goodreads // Twitter // Bloglovin’ // Instagram // Tumblr


That’s it for this Saturday Special! I enjoyed getting to know Liv a little better, and I hope you did as well! Let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you next time!


18 thoughts on “Saturday Special // Talking with Liv @curlyhairbibliophile

  1. What a great feature! I’m new to the book blogging world and love getting advice from vteran bloggers and finding new people to follow and make friends. Thanks for sharing this and introducing me to new blogs to check out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! I’m you enjoyed the feature! I thought Liv gave me some great and interesting answers! A different blogger will be featured the first Saturday of every month, so stay tuned for more awesome blogs to follow! 😉


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