Reading & Writing Reviews // Does the layout of a review determine whether or not you’ll read it?

Hi, guys! Welcome to Coffee Convo w/ bookslayerReads, my new discussion feature! I’m gonna try my best to have a Coffee Convo discussion post up every Friday for you all, so we can get our conversational juices flowing.

Today, for my first Coffee Convo, I’d like to talk about…

Reading & Writing Reviews

Reading and writing reviews is almost mandatory as a book blogger. Most of us enjoy this aspect of blogging, which is how a lot of us became a member of this community in the first place. Yes, writing reviews is a lot of fun, but we all know it can be stressful at times, too. Especially when we’re stuck not knowing what to write, or how to write it.

There are many different ways to write reviews… (Now, there’s no “review writing law” or anything. You can write a review however you want!) But the following are the most common review layouts I’ve seen…


(*These are in no way proper names for the review types, they’re just names I’m using to describe them.*)

→ Pros & Cons (aka Likes & Dislikes)

This type of review is one of the most common types, in my opinion. And probably one of the more easier ways to write a review. Simply jot down what you liked about the book (pros) and what you disliked about the book (cons). You can lay out this type of review in list form, or paragraph form, whichever works best for you.

→ Sectionalized Reviews

This type of review is broken down into sections based on the different areas of the book. For example: Plot, Characters, Setting, Writing, Overall, etc. Many people also write this type of review, which can be laid out in list form or paragraph form, as well.

→ Essay Form

This is the type of review I write, and is usually laid out in paragraph form, sort of like an essay or article. These reviews can include anything, really. They can consist of the readers opinion on different aspects of the story, as in their likes and dislikes, etc., and oftentimes highlight important points in bold, making it easier for readers to skim without missing anything necessary to the review.

→ GIF/Image Reviews

We’ve all seen or read this type of review before. The GIF rant/rave reviews that don’t contain a lot of writing, simply because they are using the images to voice their opinion.


Writing a review and reading a review are two totally separate things. (Obviously, Megan!) I consistently write my reviews in essay format because it’s the easiest way for me to get my thoughts out properly. But just because I prefer to write my reviews in that format, doesn’t mean I only like to read reviews in that format, too.

Personally, I like a variety when reading reviews. So the layout of the review isn’t always going to determine whether or not I’ll read it. Sometimes it may depend on my mood, or maybe even the book being reviewed, or the reviewer themselves. I feel like part of our job as book bloggers is to not only write reviews, but also read the reviews of our fellow book lovers.


So what I wanna know from you guys is this…

How do you write your reviews? Are you consistent in the type of reviews you write? Do you prefer to read the same type of review you like to write?

And the big question…

Does the layout/format of a review determine whether or not you will read it?


134 thoughts on “Reading & Writing Reviews // Does the layout of a review determine whether or not you’ll read it?

  1. My reviews are sectionalized though only into two things but I tend to enjoy reading different kinds of reviews. However, I don’t read as many reviews as I want to since I never know which ones are completely spoiler free, which is important for me specially if it’s a book I’m interested in.

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