About the Blogger

imageHey, guys! Welcome to my blog!!

The name’s Megan and I’m a 25 year old mom and avid reader from Louisville, Kentucky and this is probably where I’ll forever stay. I love it here! I love having all four seasons every year, but sometimes I do wish we were closer to a beach. Ah, well… I guess that’s what vacation is for. And I definitely need one!

If you haven’t been able to tell yet, I love books (and all things bookish!) My favorite genres include: YA, Fantasy, Mystery, & Historical Fiction; although I will read just about anything. I spend most of my free time reading and writing, and I am desperately trying to get my son to enjoy it, too! (He’s interested, so that’s a good thing!)

Every now and then when I’m not reading, or playing around on Goodreads, I like fishing, eating!, and hunting for four leaf clovers. There’s like a bajillion in my front yard. It’s crazy.

Anywho – there’s really not much else I can say… although I’m new to blogging, I love the blogosphere already! Looking forward to discussing some great (and probably some not so great) books with you guys! 😉

If you’re interested in a Read and Review, you can contact me at:

E-mail :: mmurphy0091@gmail.com

Twitter :: @bookslayerReads

Instagram :: @bookslayerreads



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