My Rating System

Since I am a “book slayer” of sorts, I have decided to rate the books I read using swords in replace of stars. I always round up my ratings, therefore if I rate a book 2.5 swords (for example), I will give the book an overall rating of 3 swords. (Really, the reason I do this is because Goodreads doesn’t allow half-star ratings.) Below you will find how I rate books with my Slay Rating and what the rating means to me.


untitled-design-12 Five Swords :: The author completely SLAYED it dead and diced it up in tiny pieces! I loved, loved, loved the book! Everything about it was truly amazing. There was nothing faulty in the book nor anything that I would change. Perfection! Absolutely, positively recommend.

untitled-design-13Four Swords :: The author slayed the book, but not brutally. I liked the book A LOT! There were close to no faults in the book, and I stayed interested throughout. Highly recommend.

untitled-design-14Three Swords :: The author made a good attempt to slay the book, but was unsuccessful! The book was ok. It wasn’t horrible… just an average read. Few faults in the book. A possible recommend.

untitled-design-15Two Swords :: The author poked around with the sword, with little to no effort to slay the book. The book was not good at all. Several major flaws, horrible writing. Wouldn’t recommend.

untitled-design-16One Sword :: The author came no where near slaying the book; the sword didn’t even touch it. The book was HORRIBLE! Tons of faults and flaws… with the characters, the plot, the writing… Absolutely WOULD NOT recommend.

If I DNF (do not finish) a book, I will not rate it. I feel that not finishing a book to the end means I cannot give it the fair and accurate rating it deserves, but I will post a review explaining why I chose to DNF the book.


5 thoughts on “My Rating System

  1. Hullo!
    Knowing that you love books and maintained such a great blog about them, I nominated you for the ‘This or That Book Tag’. I’d love to see your answers to the bookish questions they have there; but it’s alright if you don’t have the time to do it.
    My post is here for you to check out in case you chose to to do the tag:

    Hope you have a great day!
    Midnight Ranter

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  2. Megan!

    Your book-slaying system is too funny. Do you accept review considerations? I recently published a YA high-fantasy novel and would love if you traveled to my story world in the land of Zephoris and reviewed it. 🙂 I couldn’t find a contact form so that’s why I’m asking via comment. Let me know, thanks so much!

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